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September 08, 2021

Taopix recently had the opportunity to have a chat with Pops Founder and CPO, Paul-Antoine Campos about their exciting range of Lenticular products that has become the latest craze in the photo personalisation community. Pops not only have a consumer-based site, but also offer collaborations with print service providers who are looking to expand their photo-gifting product range.

Pops was founded in 2017 and launched an app that was focused on sharing gifs, a kind of social app. The idea was that Pops wanted to give customers the ability to print moving pictures and started their research into Lenticular technology. Lenticular printing is a printing method that, when the image is viewed at different angles, the objects either look like a 3D print or they change their appearance looking like there’s movement in the image. Two or more views of a scene are printed on a thermoplastic sheet of lenticular (concave) lenses that look like parallel ridges (Read about the history of lenticular here)

“Once we added this feature for our users, it soon became extremely popular, so we decided to shift the focus from a social app to a printing app. In 2019 we launched an iOS app as well as a website in order to sell various lenticular products including tiles, magnets and regular prints. It was a huge hit among users, mainly in the USA; around 90% of our audience at the time were based in the USA. Popularity on Instagram picked up as well. This is when we realised that there is an opportunity to sell our technology to other photo and printing partners across the world.” Says Campos.

In the beginning of 2021 Pops launched their B2B service PopsLenticular; that allows photo brands and printing partners to access their technology so that the partners can sell 3D prints to their customers. The service operates like a SaaS; service providers are able to connect to Pops’ APIs and this will give them access to the technologies that will turn any file into a prepared file to print in Lenticular format. There is also the alternative option to supply files through FTP to PopsLenticular which will be supplied back to the partner in the correct format to produce Lenticular prints either in house or through a print service provider.

If you would like to test Lenticular printing in house, Pops have a special offer for Taopix customers; simply get in touch to arrange your sample packs available that are compatible with HP Indigo Digital presses and no additional software or equipment (other than the Lenticular kit they provide) will be required. From 3D photobook covers to 3D photo tiles, the possibilities for new products with Lenticular technology are endless.

Taopix are excited to be collaborating with Pops to bring our customers and prospects new technologies that will help grow their revenue.

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