The role of graphic design in marketing

September 16, 2019

When you are marketing your business, you must understand how graphics play a role in what your company does every day. A business that is using inferior graphics will look old and outdated. Plus, people who come by your site might think that it has been abandoned because everything looks so stale. However, amazing graphics can change the way you market your business by providing you with an identity and consistency.


The colors that your company uses in marketing often become the most important part of the marketing plan. People will identify your business by the colors. They could even see a truck driving down the road with your special style of blue or red and realize that is your truck because they know that shade. Ensure that you are using vibrant and unique colors when you are building your marketing plan.

Brand and Identity

Graphics can establish your brand name and identity. You must ensure that you have something in your marketing plan that is beyond your name or your logo. You want people to recognize the types of images your company uses, and you should remain consistent when you have presented these graphics.

Your identity will be tied to the colors you have established as your own along with the graphics that you created that are specific to your company. You will learn how these graphics help make your company even more unique as you apply them to your logo and animations.

Fonts and Typography

The fonts and typography that you use for your business are so important that your loyal fans will revolt if you ever change them. There are instances in the history of business where a company tried to change its logo to a new font only to find that the public was in an uproar over that change. Establish a strong brand with the font that you believe makes your logo look good. Maintain that logo and write in that font when you create content for your customers.

When you are customers are reading about your business or looking for a product, they will know when they see your content because it is appearing in the font you have chosen. You could also include this font in animations, on the packaging, and in other places where your customers will see your advertising.


The logo for your company should use graphics and colors that you have created just for your brand. Plus, you want to ensure that your logo looks completely different from other companies. You may have some of the same letters as another company, but you can create a logo that is completely different from those other companies. You also need to remember that most people who are creating a logo want to use that logo everywhere.

A vibrant logo will look good when it is on the side of your building, on a truck, on a car, or on a package. If you focus on the packaging, you can make your business look amazing because you have invested in packages that people want to keep. When customers are not throwing away your packages, you become a household name. When your packages are easy to recognize, customers will pluck your items off the shelves without a thought.


The packaging for your business should be used to ensure that you offer the most brilliant and recognizable design. As mentioned above, you need a logo that people will recognize on the shelves. You need to ensure that you have created packaging that people want to keep, but you also need to apply all the parts of your brand identity to these packages.

Write the product instructions in the font you have chosen, make the logo easy to see, and use the colors that the public associates with your business. You also need to ensure that you create packages that look good enough to keep. You spent quite a lot of time and money designing the logo and choosing the colors. You should make the face of your business the packaging that people see every day. The public needs to get the same warm feeling every time they see your products.


You can use all the tips above to create animations from the graphics that were already designed for your business. Most companies that are making animations for their products or advertisements should use the logo, colors, and typography that they already chose. You could put these animations in commercials, in videos, and in web ads. You also need to remember that animations could be in the background of your website where your logo, colors, and typography, are already present.


There are several things that you can do when you order new graphics for your business. You can use the graphics to ensure that your company is easy to recognize on the shelves or on a website, and you must choose colors that people will associate with your business. It is very easy for you to build a brand when you took all the steps listed above.

Brittany Waddell is a contributing writer and media specialist for Coastal Business Supplies. She often produces content for a variety of marketing blogs.

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