I can’t believe it’s not plastic!

February 22, 2021

Manchester based Stackawraps has announced a new eco range of 3D point of sale display systems. The Stackawrap system is a visually stunning solution that prints full colour graphics that can be wrapped round 3D objects to create eye-catching mounted and free-standing 3D displays for retail, events, hospitality and tourism.

We launched the new eco range in 2020 after 18 months of development and a £200,000 investment. We have been able to exchange our original fabrics with sustainable printed card wraps and our patented system has evolved to integrate the unique internal frames into fully recyclable 3D displays.”

Natasha Leigh, StackaWraps C.O.

From its based in Manchester, Stackawraps is going fully global with this innovative new eco solution. Leigh continues, “Reaction globally to our products has been staggering. We have already teamed up with some huge players in the international print arena and are active in 16 countries and our reach continue to grow at a phenomenal rate. Thanks to our products, our partnership network can produce the very latest in 3D innovation to generate interest and contact with new clients that until now they have not been able to reach.”

One partnership company that is selling the new displays successfully is Italian print and packaging manufacturer, Redbox. They are known for their exceptional quality, especially in materials where they use International Paper products. Redbox ships Stackawraps 3D displays throughout Europe, which is made easy due to the space saving modular designs.
Redbox also adds a high-gloss PLA lamination film, which is not only compostable it also gives the most incredible “glass effect finish”.

Stackawraps is a deceptive product. At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking these 3D displays are made using plastic because the photo realism and shaping are incredible. However, the founders and sales team at StackaWraps are very much against seeing plastic POS in retail environments. They continue to drive for a sustainable alternative to traditional methods, without compromising quality. This has lead to these new eco units being developed in line with brand expectations and environmental conscience.

StackaWraps prides itself on being able to obtain these realistic results using recyclable cardboard. They can create curvature without distortion and get the printed photo realism that makes the finished product an almost exact replication. Natasha Leigh adds, “Old school print companies are miles behind and StackaWraps are working to bring their latest revelations to the wider market by pairing with the very best and most suitable hand-picked partners.”

Working directly from photographs enables the end results to mimic the real product with every shadow and detail captured,” says Richard Peter, Co-founder of Stackawraps. He adds, “One thing that is important in this competitive marketing is giving the consumer a full sensory experience and these disruptive displays certainly do the job very well.”

Even in this current climate, StackaWraps global expansion is thriving. The company has formed partnerships with some of the world’s biggest print service providers who license the technology as an Approved Manufacturing Partner (AMP), enabling the system to be manufactured regionally reducing carbon footprint and meeting maximum cost efficiency for international sales.

Three new 3D products have been introduced to make up the Eco range.

Firstly, the 3D Standee is StackaWraps fresh take on the traditional cardboard standee and 2D cut-out with sizes at an impressive 5ft or above, offering a full panoramic effect of 3D photorealism to match the real thing. Fitted with a strut at the back, they ship in kit form, can be assembled in minutes and can last for six-month minimum. Packed two per box they can be placed at the front, sides or above cases of stock to provide the ultimate in brand visibility.

StackaWraps have managed to maintain pricing within the margins of traditional standees so the value is amazing for the ultimate halo effect branding tool.

Next is the Shelfie, StackaWraps version of the traditional FSDU. This allows you to take your product and supersize it. The supersized model can then be opened up and filled with real products. Until now, the only alternative to this has been to purchase vac formed mouldings, which are expensive to tool up, produce and distribute. With StackaWraps’ incredible patented technology’ the brand matching and sensory detailing can be captured at the highest level without additional expense, using quality, sustainable materials, all packed into a flat box.

Finally, there is the Bridge display product. These units consist of two StackaWraps joined by an integral stack of shelves to form a display between the two product-replicas which act as bookends. This creates truly panoramic 3D branding and generating a minion effect with product within product replicas. The number of shelves is dependent on stock size and weights specifications.

If volumes are large enough, we are confident the costs will stand on par with traditional POS displays, adding that they are designed to work for up to 6 months or longer depending on how the stores look after them,” says Leigh. “This new collection of Eco units offers a breath of fresh air for shoppers and trade marketing teams because they are low cost and easy to transport and are easily assembled in grocery and convenience stores. The units are also being trialed in wholesale outlets.”

Simon Kelly, marketing director for StackaWraps Global is excited about the latest innovation. “We are ticking all the boxes all at the same time. The market has been crying out for these kinds of displays for ages. We are being contacted on a daily basis by brand managers, marketing directors and agencies representing some of the biggest FMCG, CPG brands, they just love what we are doing and our studio is filling up with sample products as they are being sent in to be photographed.”

He concludes, “As far as costs go, I sometimes have to double check when I stand in front them, they are so bold and capture every single detail. No wonder these units are catching on big time in the market as they are such value for money and so far ahead of anything else out there”

For further information on StackaWraps, please visit stackawraps.com.

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