Nazdar expert sessions at the inaugural PRINTING United

September 30, 2019

Nazdar representatives will share their technical knowledge and expertise at the upcoming PRINTING United Show in three sessions: Inkjet Banding, Color Matching on Colored Substrates, and Photobleaching & Color Change in UV Printing.

Inkjet Banding: Identification and Root Cause Analysis

Presenter: Travis Barcelona, Nazdar Inkjet Team Leader and Consultant

October 23rd
Room C147

Session Tracks:

  • Color Management and Workflow
  • Commercial Printing
  • Digital Textile Printing
  • Graphics and Sign Printing
  • Printed Packaging

Inkjet Banding can be caused by several key elements in an inkjet device. Challenges can include the environment, electrical components, UV lamp life, media, ink fluid dynamics, RIP settings, firing parameters, print head voltages, amongst other key components or even a combination of several factors. In this session, you will learn how to identify the challenge and what steps to resolve in the eyes of an inkjet hardware technician who is well versed most all aspects of inkjet equipment repair, workflow, media manufacturing, and ink chemistry. This lecture pertains to UV, solvent, and aqueous inkjet.

Color Matching on Colored Substrates

Presenter: Bruce Ridge, Nazdar Director of Technical Services

October 23rd
Room C146

Session Tracks:

  • In-Plant Printing

Printing spot colors usually means Pantone colors. For screen, pad, and inkjet printers, this can be a real challenge when the substrate isn't white paper. Learn the best ways to simulate a color when it cannot be matched. Learn a simple way to rate color opacity when choosing the best components to match a color. This presentation will include tips on using a wide range of pigments and additives that can be used to help achieve custom results.

Photobleaching and Color Change in UV Printing

Presenters: Terry Kimrey, Nazdar Market Segment Manager of Screen Inks
                 Josh Lutz, Nazdar Market Segment Manager of UV Digital Inks

October 24rd
Room C142

Session Tracks:

  • Color Management and Workflow
  • Commercial Printing
  • Functional/Industrial Printing
  • Graphics and Sign Printing
  • Package Printing

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss changes in color when printing with UV inkjet and screen inks. UV inks use photo initiators that cause the inks to polymerize. This reaction and the grade of photo initiator can cause a noticeable change in the ink's color after curing. This color change can revert back after curing with the presence of additional light (photobleaching) or, in some cases, without the presence of additional light. The presentation outlines the phenomenon and provides theories and ways to reduce color shifts.

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