IMI announces Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2020-2021

October 15, 2020
New Format Bimonthly Ongoing Digital Event  November 18, 2020-September 15, 2021 New Format Bimonthly Ongoing Digital Event November 18, 2020-September 15, 2021

IMI President Al Keene says, “We are pleased to announce IMI’s Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2020-2021 in our new bimonthly ongoing digital event format from November 18, 2020 through September 15, 2021.

As inkjet technology has become an increasingly utilized (and often called disruptive) technology in a wide variety of digital print and manufacturing applications, the inkjet industry has made great strides in developing successful inks, functional fluids, and substrates. Yet, continued ink, fluid, and substrate developments are considered by many industry experts to be the most essential components for inkjet’s continued applications diversification and market growth – the ‘key ingredients for success.’

In these highly unusual times, IMI is excited to announce our new bimonthly ongoing digital event format. As a leading provider of high-level, strategic digital print industry conferences and renowned courses, we have concluded that The Time Has Come to utilize the available digital tools and technologies and apply them to the conference and course formats to maximize efficient information transfer, facilitate relationship building, and stimulate continued growth and expansion for digital print and manufacturing technologies.

Having served as a primary strategic information source for the digital and inkjet print industries for over thirty years, IMI is pleased to commence with the first offerings of next generation information resources for this community to build ongoing digital events which will enable participants to join an ongoing information and networking group designed to provide needed resources and opportunities for business development.

IMI’s inaugural ongoing digital conference will include:

  • Sessions on a scheduled basis every two months
  • Three 30-minute presentations by recognized industry leaders for each session
  • Short commentaries on topics from consultants, end-users, researchers, etc.
  • Q & A opportunities via chat/live options
  • Suppliers Forum presentations: 1 to 3 per session
  • Downloadable handout materials including full participants list
  • Recorded sessions available following each bimonthly session
  • Each session scheduled to last 2.5 to 3 hours
  • If possible, a live-in person summary/update conference session will be scheduled at a later date. Updates on this will follow as we assess the ever changing concerns impacting health/safety, travel, and group gatherings such as conferences.
  • Since the format will be evolving throughout the year, additional ideas for features, topics, speakers, etc. are welcome and solicited!

IMI will continue to offer its high-level strategic and timely digital & inkjet industry information resources via conferences and courses – incorporating both on-site and web-based components as dictated by the regulatory, societal, and industry needs.

IMI will also be adding significant new online content throughout the remainder of 2020, 2021, and beyond. We are very excited to be offering new options in the digitization of the information transfer industry.

IMI’s Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2020-2021 addresses the challenges, options, and opportunities associated with future ink & fluids developments, raw materials requirements & developments, technology choices, drivers & barriers, and other issues required to effectively implement inkjet ink and fluids technologies for applications expansion and diversification. This ongoing strategic conference for the inkjet industry provides high value information on innovations, trends, and issues for senior executives, commercial managers, development teams, end users, and others looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of materials developments, products, and technologies shaping the future of inkjet as well as exchanging ideas with industry experts and peers.”

Keene emphasizes, “We welcome responses to this Call for Papers from anyone with a story to tell the inkjet industry about new raw material, ink, fluid, substrate, or other technology developments, needs and requirements for ink/fluid/substrate developments for specific applications, ongoing research programs, success stories, case studies or other topics relevant to Inkjet’s Age of Materials. If interested, please email your proposed presentation title & brief topic outline to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible.

It’s hard not to notice that the world is going digital at a faster than ever rate and that inkjet’s role; from packaging to product decoration/personalization/functionalization (flooring, textiles, foot ware, printed electronics, ceramics, etc.) to 3D printing and more is a strong area of opportunity – BUT developments and advancements in materials are required to fully realize this success – AND IMI’s Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2020-2021 is focused on these key elements of future inkjet success.

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