Walking around with our eyes glued to a smartphone is now a widespread habit, so much so that in America the `tech walk' even has a name: the `zombie walk'. Today, more than ever before, pavements are a medium that should be seriously considered when implementing a multichannel strategy. However, this channel has more particular characteristics in respect to walls and ceilings, because it is constantly being walked on and therefore less durable.

At Fespa 2015, Guandong presented a totally new concept that had never been seen before, destined to revolutionise in-store communication in just a short space of time: Spot Déco. Since then, Guandong and its R&D department have been working non-stop, and over the past three years they have developed a complete range of highly innovative media supports designed specifically for increasingly "just-in-time" messages and promotions. Speed, immediacy and simple installation are in fact the keys to Guandong’s Spot Déco, designed specifically to meet the claim: "Change your message in 1 minute."

Once again Guandong succeeds in impressing visitors at Fespa. After our retail-inspired stands of previous years, interior decoration moved into the spotlight and shone with flying colours in Piazza Italia. An area embellished with reproductions of stunning Italian landscapes, decorating every single surface - from the floor to the pillars, tables and struts – alongside Guandong media developed for Spot Deco. An array of innovative solutions for "en plein air" communication, bringing the elegant Piazza Italia to life. "We created a stand designed to present our products through tactile storytelling, giving life to a surprising gallery of applications. Visitors were able to see the performance of our product range with their own eyes, in a warm and friendly atmosphere; typically Italian", commented Edoardo Elmi, President of Guandong. Because the media developed by Guandong’s R&D department to meet the demands of new communication trends, which offer unprecedented performance, are fruit of Italian entrepreneurial expertise, with decades of experience in the world of visualcom and a thorough knowledge of the compositions of the different materials: from backlit fabrics in wide format to interchangeable magnetic wallpaper; from panels with removable graphics to erasable wall boards.

FESPA 2018 will create a unique setting this year, through the atmosphere emanated by Italian famous squares in the world: welcoming and suggestive with various small coffee and aperitif tables. Guandong has set up an outstanding set design with a maxi backlit screen and floor graphic prints to present the company’s vision as a Spot Decò forerunner. Communication is changing, especially in the retail world, where it must be instant, fast and flexible, in a word 'spot-on'. According to Fabio Elmi, Guandong Italy’s Marketing Manager “innovation is underway, and it is time for the whole supply chain to get organized appropriately: services on the spot, printers for in-store and public spaces, materials which change messages in 1 minute."

Once upon a time there was PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate, more commonly known by the general public as polyester and for being used to make mineral water bottles. In the past, this material, in the form of biaxial film, was used for a much wider range of things: film reels, photographic film, x-rays and printing, for which its exceptional dimensional stability was an essential characteristic.

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