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Specialist graphics provider Smart Graphics has signed an agreement for a full Tharstern management information system that will save the firm at least six months in estimating time every year.

If you do nothing else at Sign & Digital UK you should look into the benefits of what a management information system (MIS) can do for your print business. If you already have one, then you are already on the right track, but for those without (many in the wide format sector are yet to discover what a good MIS can do for them) a look at what Tharstern will be showing at Sign & Digital UK might prove useful.

EFI has continued its MIS acquisition strategy with the announcement that it has acquired Shuttleworth Business Systems, a privately held print software provider headquartered in Kettering, UK. The move, says EFI, will further extend the company’s leadership in the UK MIS market.

MIS vendor Shuttleworth Business Systems says it is working in partnership with Esko to provide time saving solutions for its customers. The partnership allows Shuttleworth users to save administration time by passing job specification details directly from the Shuttleworth MIS into a pre-defined folder which is then imported directly into Esko’s Automation Engine.

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