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Corporate colours are a critical part of your brand, reinforcing your identity, driving customer loyalty and creating a sense of trust in the market. You cannot afford ­not have them recreated accurately each and every time.

Kernow Coatings, the global leader in the development of digitally printable synthetic substrates, has expanded its range of HP Indigo printable synthetic papers with five new RIT certified products. The latest additions to the HP Indigo material lineup include vivid red, yellow, orange, blue, and green. These new products are engineered for the HP Indigo utilizing Kernow’s proprietary Cobalt Coating Technology to eliminate static and improve print performance.

In response to the wide format market showing a growing interest in packaging, Kernow Coatings has developed KernowPrint MetaliK® for fast and efficient production of shiny packaging in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold, now available in B2 sheets.

Testing products to be sold globally demands pushing products to the very limit, to ensure they stand up to the varying temperatures and humidities around the world.

When some in the market fight on only price, Kernow goes a completely different way. The UK manufacturer is reorganising its Wide Format range with 2 fundamental objectives: offering the market a real solution for a given application, and offering benefits to every link of the distribution chain down the end-user.

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