Spandex named exclusive distributor for high-performance STEK paint protection and light protection films

October 23, 2019

Spandex, the one-stop supplier of innovative solutions to the sign, graphics and display industries, has been appointed the exclusive distributor of STEK paint protection and light protection films in the UK, extending further its extensive portfolio of vehicle wrapping films.

Targeted primarily at specialist vehicle wrappers, STEK’s DYNO range of paint protection and light protection films are designed for easy application while also delivering a premium level of protection to the underlying paintwork against chips and abrasion from environmental contaminants.

Unlike conventional paint protection films, which typically offer a single function, the STEK DYNO range gives wrappers a choice of products with specific performance characteristics. For example, the hydrophobic film incorporates a special coating to repel water and mud, while the anti-acid film protects against daily ‘acids’ such as rain and insects. The self-healing film is coated to naturally close up small abrasions on the surface. Other products in the range offer carbon fibre and ‘metallic’ finishes for added aesthetic value. The STEK films do not require aftercare products such as car wax and polish.

Paint protection is a rapidly growing business for many technical vehicle wrappers, but it demands high performance products to meet customer expectations. Combining best-in-class clarity and durability, the STEK range of DYNO films is one of the most advanced products of its kind, so we’re proud to be the exclusive supplier of these films. We look forward to distributing STEK premium films, whilst supplying training and support to our growing community of wrap customers who are keen to expand their services.”

Leon Watson, General Manager at Spandex UK

The STEK products are available from Spandex for next-day delivery. Spandex offers specialist product training and samples.

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