STIEFEL DIGITALPRINT GmbH lifts quality and wins work with a TECKWIN SHARK 5000 LED

January 09, 2020
Bernhard Stiefel, Managing Director at Stiefel Digitalprint GmbH Bernhard Stiefel, Managing Director at Stiefel Digitalprint GmbH

Leading large-format digital printing pioneer STIEFEL DIGITALPRINT GmbH has elevated its print production quality and won new work after investing in a TECKWIN SHARK 5000 LED from Magenta Vision.

Located in Lenting, Germany, with 70 staff and over 15 different large-format printing systems, STIEFEL DIGITALPRINT GmbH offers a full range of wide and super-wide printing services. It supports advertising campaigns for well-known brands, agencies and print providers worldwide.

The TECKWIN SHARK 5000 LED was installed mid-September 2019 and was fully integrated from day one. “We were looking for a cost-efficient machine able to deliver good quality while, importantly, being easy to maintain”, explains Managing Director Bernhard Stiefel.

We first approached Magenta Vision via Facebook”, he explains adding a long-standing business partner had taken over printer sales at the Polish manufacturer.

The investment meets or exceeds all of Bernhard Stiefel’s requirements. Having entered large-format digital printing as a pioneer back in 1996, STIEFEL DIGITALPRINT GmbH has since become highly experienced and established invaluable technical expertise with this innovative technology. “We needed an easy-to-use print system that was not ‘over-engineered’”, expands Bernhard Stiefel. “We work three shifts, often to tight deadlines and under great time pressure, so we need to be able to rely on our systems 24/7 and print continuously without any downtime.”

Important, too, was the ability for operators to carry out simple maintenance independently, without assistance from the manufacturer’s technical support. Even the print heads can be swapped over quickly and easily.

With this great performance comes superior print results: “We are delighted with the printer’s quality”, says a happy Bernhard Stiefel. He adds it is already making an impact: “The system’s outstanding quality in particular on textiles helped us win over a large exhibition supplier.”

The TECKWIN SHARK 5000 LED is a high-speed, super-wide press with a maximum print width of 5 metres. It offers various resolutions from 397 x 900 dpi (at 280 square metres per hour) to 1191 x 1200 dpi (at 70 square metres per hour).

As well as printing banners and textiles on the TECKWIN SHARK 5000 LED roll-to-roll system STIEFEL DIGITALPRINT GmbH has nine sewing machines and complete finishing solutions for flags and exhibition graphics. When sewing some digitally printed fabrics the ink can crack or kink in the stitched areas. This is not the case with fabric printed on the TECKWIN SHARK 5000 LED, as Bernhard Stiefel, who is impressed with the excellent ink properties, explains: “The ink mix is highly resistant to kinking. Virtually no kinks appear when we process the printed fabrics, which, needless to say, pleases our customers.”

Another plus is the savings that can be made: “The TECKWIN SHARK 5000 LED uses considerably less energy compared to similar systems. I’m usually very sceptical when manufacturers make such claims, but we were able to confirm the facts with our own readings, soon after installation. In short, we are delighted with this solution from Magenta Vision. Based on the purchase price plus running costs for inks and maintenance, the TECKWIN SHARK 5000 LED comes at an unbeatable price.”

We are thrilled with this successful collaboration with STIEFEL DIGITALPRINT GmbH and look forward to actively supporting their growth for years to come.”

Charles Poot-Baudier, Managing Director at Magenta Vision

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