Pinseeker on course to diversify with HP Stitch S300 printer

March 30, 2020

Golf equipment specialist Pinseeker is hoping to diversify into new markets following the installation of a new HP Stitch textile printing system.

Cheshire-based Pinseeker manufacture a wide range of products for the Golf course industry, including flags, flagpins and hole cups to name just a few from their huge portfolio.

Pinseeker has its own dedicated textile department and offers both embroidered and printed flags, customised with vibrant designs and logos. Until four years ago, dye sublimation printing was outsourced at a substantial cost; the decision was made to bring this process in-house to reduce outgoings while expanding Pinseeker's team.

Bringing flag printing in-house brought about a dramatic change in lots of ways," says David Fairclough, Managing Director, Pinseeker. "We had been spending around £100,000 each year on outsourcing this work so investing in our own dye sublimation facility not only saved us money but also allowed us to hire additional staff to improve the textile facility. It's had a major impact."

After four years of heavy use, in early 2020 it was time to replace Pinseeker's dye sublimation printer. HP distributor RA Smart, who had supplied the original system, recommended the HP Stitch S300. This fast and reliable dye sublimation solution delivers direct-to-fabric and transfer printing on one device, with incredibly fast and predictable colour matching and automated functions.

RA Smart are local to us and have always been a really good supplier," says David. "It was great to see the HP Stitch in action at RA Smart's demo centre and then receive delivery in March 2020.

"The Stitch S300 has impressive print quality and speeds, an efficient front-loading design and intuitive user interface. The app lets you see what it's doing in real time, but also helps to plan purchasing by allowing us to compare production rates on a year to year, month to month or week to week basis, which is very useful function to a highly seasonal business such as ours"

The new HP Stitch will play an important role in Pinseeker's future plans, as David Fairclough explains.

"Our ProPlex™ range of recycled plastic products, such as tee signs, litter bins and benches, is incredibly popular. We plan to expand this range and diversify into new markets, using the HP Stitch to print complementary products for our new range of outdoor furniture, this will include bespoke cushions and covers, with great designs and personalisation options."

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