Ateliers Cassandre earns a leading position in sublimation printing with EFI VUTEk printer

October 18, 2017

Large-format digital printing company Ateliers Cassandre, located in a 1,600 square metre facility in the Parisian suburb of Wissous, has purchased an EFI™ VUTEk® FabriVU® 520 soft signage printer to solidify its foothold as the premier soft signage print provider in France.

Clément Asnar currently runs the 13-employee-strong company, founded by his father Christian, and is the dynamism and driving force behind Ateliers Cassandre. The company offers a huge range of print solutions, such as exhibition display stands, signs, banners, large-scale canvasses etc., for events, trade shows, interior decoration, businesses, and construction. Based on the growth his company has been printing soft signage with a 3.2-metre printer, he pursued a major investment in more-advanced technology, choosing the 5.2- metre VUTEk FabriVU printer.

Choosing a large format machine was essential, as was the selection of a reliable supplier. "We needed to be distinctive. The aim is for Ateliers Cassandre to quickly become the benchmark, in particular with players in the decoration sector and interior designers. Which is why this major investment was required,” stated Asnar.

After studying the products available on the market that met Ateliers Cassandre’s quality, durability and productivity requirements, the company determined that the EFI VUTEk FabriVU 520 was the correct choice. “At this level of investment we couldn't afford to get it wrong,” said Asnar. “We have been familiar with EFI and the reliability and productivity of their printers for some time, but we had never done any business together,” Asnar said. “EFI’s acquisition of Reggiani, however, made the difference. The Italian manufacturer is very well-known in the sublimation market and its association with EFI makes their technology even better."

With its EFI VUTEk FabriVU 520, Ateliers Cassandre is proceeding with transfer sublimation and has also invested in a second heat press, a 5-metre Monti Antonio device. The company has also incorporated a fabric-welding bench to complete its end-to-end offering. "Today there are very few of us, in France, and even in Europe, positioned as specialists able to provide this comprehensive service in this format and with this level of quality," explained Asnar.

Having 5.2-metre printing capabilities expands the company’s exceptional range of capabilities in nearly any format. "What many customers are mainly seeking is highly proactive suppliers that can always offer them a bespoke solution, however varied their requirements may be. Our equipment is designed to meet their needs,” Asnar said.

"Advertisers are increasingly in search of a ‘great idea’ that will put them in the spotlight, a communication or custom printed product that will highlight their competitive edge,” he added. “We support them in this with our multi-faceted expertise and highly diversified cutting-edge machine resources incorporating all the latest print technologies.

Growing in soft signage gives Ateliers Cassandre a competitive edge. "When we first started sublimation printing, we felt that change was coming in the market: fabric was going to play an increasingly prominent role for several reasons, including its highly effective appearance, the way textile captures vibrant colours, and its environmental benefits as a lightweight, reusable material,” said Asnar.

The company’s newest soft signage investment ensures that the company can meet more of its customers’ expectations. "I believe that this is part of the future of our business and that we will need to move away from UV and the inevitable price war in that space,” Asnar said.

The company’s new VUTEk FabriVU machine prints in four colours with resolutions of up to 2,400 dpi and provides four-level greyscale printing with 4 to 18 picolitre drop sizes to ensure exceptional quality. Adding the printer provides the next logical step in managing customers’ emerging needs.

"The growth of the company has always been smooth", noted Asnar. "Our goal is not to flood the market, but to continue along our path at our own pace in the spirit of service that my father passed onto me."

Nevertheless, Asnar also plans to open up new markets for Ateliers Cassandre thanks to this printer. “As time goes by and we carry out more and more tests, we will discover the full range of its capabilities and, without doubt, find creative opportunities to add value that have yet to be measured."

Every day, new material profiles are produced on an on-going basis to provide a fully comprehensive and original range of products and services. "We try to find new added-value materials in order to encourage our customers to explore new options,” Asnar stated. “Our customers are very responsive and interested in the potential our recent investments offer."

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