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How Tharstern’s MIS is helping Smart Graphics make phenomenal savings

Specialist graphics provider Smart Graphics has signed an agreement for a full Tharstern management information system that will save the firm at least six months in estimating time every year.

“The light-bulb moment for us was when we started to drill down into how long each part of the sales and estimating process took,” says general manager Paul Bellard. “In the past, even the simplest of business quotes for customers would have taken around 30 minutes to produce, but this will now be done in a third of the time. Now we are looking at a minimum saving of six months across four people, which is phenomenal.” Training starts at the end of June and the system is expected to go fully live in the autumn at Smart Graphics headquarters in Clydebank, Scotland. According to Bellard, the company’s former management information system was unable to keep pace with the growth of the company. “In order to grow our business, we needed software to capture essential data. We investigated many of the MIS systems on the market, some of which seemed over-complicated, but a big plus for the Tharstern MIS was that it seemed to have virtually everything we needed straight away. And the actual commitment Tharstern made was far more than I had experienced with other companies.” Smart Graphics specialises in public transport graphics, particularly on buses, as well as fleet work. All manufacturing is done at the firm’s headquarters with graphics delivered daily to fitting teams based across the UK.

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