Computer MCL has invested In Taopix Ai

November 05, 2019

Taopix the leading provider of photo commerce and personalisation software globally, have announced that Computer MCL , have invested in Taopix Ai after the live release was launched earlier this month. Computer MCL, an existing Taopix customer, was founded in 1999 by current CEO Petr Berousek, Petr made the decision to add Taopix Ai after detailed evaluation of the technology.

“The moment I saw Taopix Artificial Intelligence in action, I knew it would be an invaluable addition to our existing Taopix platform. We know that customers spend a lot of time creating their photobooks, sorting through photos and deciding which ones to use can take some people months, this is even before the designing begins. With the Taopix Ai technology, the effort is taken out of creating the photobook and selecting the best images as the software does this for you. We believe that this will have a significant impact on our customers, saving them a lot of valuable time and designing a beautiful photobook in just a few clicks. We are also confident that this will increase our sales revenue as a result.” Says Berousek.

Computer MCL provide a range of personalised photo products including Photobooks, Wall art and Calendars to customers based in Czech Republic and Slovakia. They have state of the art facilities and equipment and pride themselves in the delivery of high-quality products.

It’s incredibly reassuring to us to see the growth of our partners and that Computer MCL made the choice to invest in Taopix Ai. The entire detailed evaluation process was very effective and ticked a lot of requirements from the market. It also shows that they believe in the product and technology and want to evolve with it. Computer MCL are one of the first adopters in Europe, as we are still at the beginning of the journey of what can be achieved with this powerful technology, we are looking forward to increase conversion rates as well as revenue together with MCL by leveraging this cutting edge AI technology."

Steffen Haaga, Commercial Director to Taopix

Computer MCL aim to launch their Taopix Ai version before the holiday season, giving customers the opportunity to use the smart design features to produce their festive gifts.

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