callas software releases pdfToolbox 12

October 14, 2020

callas software, a leading provider of automated PDF quality control and archival solutions, is announcing the release of the newest update of their pdfToolbox product line, pdfToolbox 12 via a series of free webinars.

The newest addition to the pdfToolbox product line will be released during a series of free webinars. These webinars will take place from 16 to 20 November. Each webinar will display various new features and improvements for pdfToolbox 12.

Clients that would want the newer version of pdfToolbox but can’t wait to buy pdfToolbox already are assured by callas software. Dietrich von Seggern, managing partner at callas software GmbH: “Everyone who will buy pdfToolbox 11 from 16 September up to the release date of pdfToolbox 12 will be able to upgrade their pdfToolbox free of charge at the moment that we officially release pdfToolbox 12.”

People who want to witness the release of pdfToolbox 12 on November 16th first hand can register for the online webinar series as of today. Once registered, you will get a sneak peek of the new features in the agenda.

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