Antalis urges customers to engage with multi-sensory retail trend

May 23, 2018

As sensory marketing continues to rise as retailers try to engage consumers by creating a multi-sensory shopping experience, Antalis is urging commercial printers and signmakers to maximise the opportunities from this growing trend.

In a recent in-store insights report, POPAI noted that light in particular had an impact on consumers in store and influenced the purchasing decision.[1] And it is in this area that Antalis is advising its customers they can contribute, gaining traction in the retail market in the process.

Paul Duffy, Hardware Development Manager at Antalis comments: “The popularity of online shopping shows no signs of abating, with customers often valuing convenience over loyalty. To combat this, more than ever retailers are trying to drive footfall to bricks-and-mortar stores by creating a multi-sensory shopping experience that triggers a subconscious emotional response in shoppers that e-stores can’t match. While often using all or a combination of all of the five senses, light in particular has been shown to influence shoppers and it is in this area that signmakers and printers can really add value.

“The innovative use of ink and hardware, for example UV LED printing, whilst not new, is a way of creating effective results to contribute to a sensory shopping experience. UV LED printing enables the user to build up layers of ink to create interesting effects, one of which being ‘night and day printing’. This technique alters the image in different lighting, where it appears in one format in normal daylight but changes when it is rear illuminated. It works particularly well in fashion and beauty retail but the effectiveness of the result can vary dramatically depending on the designer’s ability to understand the process and whether they have the skills required to create the artwork itself. Even selecting an appropriate image is paramount. There are other UV LED techniques to be explored along with ‘night and day’ printing, including creating tactile 3D images from building layers of ink and also lenticular printing, whereby a printed image creates the illusion of movement from different angles.

“Using wide format inkjet printing machines and different ink technologies is an approach that has been around for a while but the advancement of inkjet printers, even in the last 12 months, has made the market much more accessible. That’s not to say that anyone can dive in and become experts in these specialist techniques but there is definitely scope for those printers and signmakers looking to diversify.”

Through its unique hardware partnerships in the UK with Revolution Digital, Granthams and Agfa, Antalis is able to provide customers with the industry’s first one-stop-shop for all of their evolving large format needs. The partnership proposition has been designed to provide unbiased, holistic consultancy – where Antalis’ team of experts work closely with a customer in order to recommend the best solution for their individual needs.

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