Adaequo launches its groundbreaking commitment to large format 3D printing at the Fabra Observatory in Barcelona

October 17, 2019

The universe of possibilities that 3D printing opens is as unbeatable as the imagination itself. To capture this idea, here at Adaequo we have presented our new service in the best possible scenario: the Fabra Observatory of Barcelona, ​​headquarters of the magnificent Mailhat refracting telescope.

We have extended the limits of the Observatory and have turned it into a true cosmos of characters and fiction elements for a day: from an exploratory astronaut to a giant alien of more than 3 meters high, passing through a detailed bust of the fortune teller Zoltar in full ecstasy of prediction. All this, chaired by a large-format rocket (4 meters high) about to take off.

Our commitment to 3D printing is ambitious: it allows you to create figures of unusual dimensions out of nowhere (up to 1.50 wide by 1.80 high). In reality, the structures can be as tall and bulky as required, since it is possible to assemble blocks, figures and structures created separately. In addition, we wanted to provide our touch of quality, with details of maximum precision, luxury finishes and even graphic creation, since we have our own design team.

Among the practical applications of this new business line plays an important role in retail, where waged battle for differentiation that requires bold and creative formats. "It is, in short, to create experiences and appeal to people's emotions, to get their attention with innovative proposals that stimulate their desire to know more, because without emotion there is no trade," explains Rafael González, CEO of Adaequo.

Together with retail, 3D printing has enormous potential to capture attention and create favorable environments in segments such as interior design, decoration, architecture, shows, scenery, street-ambient marketing and much more.

To achieve this, last year we acquired the Massivit 1800 super size machine , unique in the peninsula for its characteristics. Its capacity for unit production makes it possible to make short runs and customize each of the pieces to the smallest detail. This makes it an ideal solution for the premium range.

With the universe as a thread, the presentation event has had an exclusive setting created ad hoc for the occasion. Rafael González has opened the event with a brief explanation about the possibilities of 3D printing. Isabelle Marelly, on behalf of Massivit, explained the advantages of 3D technologies, and highlighted that in a short time the company has gone from its foundation (in 2013) to have 80 employees and presence in all continents. Susana Zühr, head of 3D Printing Projects at Adaequo, stressed that "it is studied that claims in 3 dimensions are up to 5 times more attractive to consumers."

Sell ​​from emotions

The event has also had the intervention of Ivo Güell, renowned expert in neuromarketing. “85% of the commercial response that your customers have does not do it with the neocortex; you have to reach them through emotions, ”explained Güell. "If we impact, we activate the mechanisms of memory in the brain." "An example is the use of colors, which make us forget the strictly rational price argument." The neuromarketing expert has insisted on the need to reinforce aspects such as novelty, curiosity, change, surprise . "We must bring the product closer to our customers," he concluded.

The event has been closed with a mapping projection on the facade of the Fabra Observatory. The combination of a century-old architectural structure and advanced graphics have resulted in a spectacular projection, with the 3D rocket as the main protagonist.

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