Terralon, the highly breathable wallcovering for humid environments from Sentec

January 20, 2021

The permable structure of Terralon allows transfer of moisture to minimize possibility of mold and mildew growth.

In moist environments or areas where mold and mildew growth are a concern, it is recommended to use a "breathable" wallcovering. A wallcovering with higher "permeability" will allow the transfer of water vapor from the wall cavity out into the open air of the room. Wallcovering and other barriers put onto a wall can sometimes trap water, which could increase the growth potential of mold.

Terralon is especially intended for use warm, humid climates such as bathrooms, wellness centres, kitchens, gyms. The use of a waterproof primer and adhesive system that contains anti-microbial additives is recommended in this type of application.

It is also a great option for environments where mitigating problems with mold and mildew growth happen behind wall surfaces.

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