LITTLE BIG JOB by Elite Signs and Graphics using Metamark 7 Series SignVinyl

February 07, 2020

This wouldn’t be the first Range Rover that Bridgend based Elite Signs and Graphics had treated to a new livery, all were agreed that it was the smallest though…

Security comes in covert and overt flavours. Covert security functions largely unseen with hidden cameras, agents that blend into the background and all manner of other low-profile means and methods. Overt security is a bit more ‘in your face.’

A regular client of Elite Signs and Graphics is known to practice security of the more ‘overt’ school of thinking. Evidence often rumbles up to sites protected by JSM Security in a far from discrete and fully liveried Monster Truck. It not only says that JSM has arrived, it leaves the ill intentioned wondering - ‘have they been here all along?’

Elite Signs and Graphics gave JSM’s Monster Truck its eye popping presence with a very crisp livery a while back. They’ve since kept the JSM fleet appropriately clothed in hardworking graphics and a knock on the door from JSM, when it comes, is no surprise. On this occasion, the knock was followed by a brief to deliver the most unusual JSM job to date.

The vehicle needing the Elite Signs and Graphics treatment was a very smart looking white Range Rover. It needed the same livery as a previously pepped-up Range Rover in the JSM fleet - but it wasn’t a repeat job. That’s because the new vehicle was an operational scale model of the first - a kid-sized motorised replica destined to make a lucky little person somewhere very happy.

Elites Signs and Graphics’ team grabbed the brief with both hands and big smiles. They were soon to discover though that the proportions of the little Range Rover were not in even broad agreement with the real thing. A bit of frenzied editing ensued and you’d never know there was an issue.

Metamark’s 7 Series SignVinyl now graces the tiny flanks of the new addition to JSM’s fleet. The livery, right down to the accreditation graphics is a dead ringer for the one on the big boy. Oddly enough, the small job took very nearly as long as the full sized one according to Elite Signs and Graphics.

Talk about raising a smile. Despite an absolute downpour, the Elite Team couldn’t resist treating the little car to a photo-shoot and were lucky enough to have the big one along for the event too. The full size Range Rover’s boot practically swallows the little car whole and it looks all the bigger in doing so. Which one is the more memorable though?

Answers in the Metamark or Elite Signs and Graphics Twitters Feeds please!

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