ILFORD and Durst campaign for environmental protection and sustainability

December 02, 2019
Barbara Dombrowski's projects: “Save The World“ and Tropic Ice“ Barbara Dombrowski's projects: “Save The World“ and Tropic Ice“

The traditional companies of the photo industry Durst and Ilford are pleased to support the artist Barbara Dombrowski with her projects "Save The World" and "Tropic Ice" at Art-4-Future.

The Intention: Giving Climate Change a Face

Barbara Dombrowski is now for the tenth year working on a worldwide photo art project on the subject of climate change. She visited five continents at climate-relevant locations and portrayed the people living there and the surrounding landscapes. Barbara made them ambassadors of their continents and climate zones. In the confrontation of people in the form of a circle, she links them with insistent, large format photographs in installations.

Climate change threatens not only abstract places, but also people. This is the main theme of the installation project Tropic Ice."

Barbara Dombrowski

Durable Prints with Ilford

The large format photo prints were produced on exclusive Ilford media for museums and galleries from the ILFORD Gallery series.

Future Technology from Durst

To help Barbara, whose plan includes Hambacher Forst, Tanzania, the lagoon of Kiribati in the South Pacific, the Gobi desert, Swiss glaciers and the North Sea, and her helpers (Photo1: Eskimos of the Inuit tribe help to attach an image from Ecuador in Greenland, Photo2: Indians of the Achuar tribe help to attach an image from Greenland in Ecuador), Durst provides its innovative software "Durst SmartAPP". The app, which has received numerous innovation awards, enables the visualization and positioning of an object within a surface (Photo3: Barbara perfectly visualizing and positioning one of her works with SmartAPP). In addition, Durst plans to support the development of a "Save the World" online shop.

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