Customised quality from The Vinyl Guys using Metamark MD-BS

July 30, 2020

Metamark MD-BS, in the very creative hands of The Vinyl Guys, has helped propel a great business forward and built demand for some very attractive looking stickers…

The Vinyl Guys is based in Stourbridge and has made a great name for itself by operating behind a very customer-focussed set of business ethics and for the quality and creativity that’s delivered as standard with every job it does. The work that Alex Liggett and his team produce is notable to say the least. Its vehicle liveries even feature in lots of selfies!

The Vinyl Guys’ business was caught, like everyone else’s, in the teeth of the pandemic and lots of projects were gently moved to the back burner. Give a company like The Vinyl Guys a bit of time to think though and something’s going to happen. On this occasion, Alex consolidated some of his available printing and design capacity around providing stickers to the many trades The Vinyl Guys counts among its customers. The demand was certainly there.

Lots of stickers are passed from hand-to-hand and from one trade to another. It’s become a bit of a ‘thing’ in fact. The idea, that probably grew from a spark thrown in the USA, is to a great extent self-promoting and almost resembles the physical embodiment of a social network. That network needs great looking stickers and lots of them. The Vinyl Guys were very happy to oblige.

Right up there among the most popular stickers The Vinyl Guys produce for the trades are those the team chooses to print on Metamark MD-BS. This novel material is an MD-Class digital material and so prints brilliantly. Rather than being based around a polar-white face-film design though, it’s a mirror-like silver in its finish.

Process colours, printed well, achieve wonderful things when the transparent inks are sat on a silver background. The Vinyl Guys know how to drive a printer so the results they’re getting are sensational. Each sticker seems to outdo the one before and all it takes is a little ambient light and the most subtle of movements on the part of the observer to turn a sticker into something of a light show. They really stand out.

All of The Vinyl Guys sticker production is based on a degree of customisation and the quality is brilliant. Colours are alive, detail is vivid, the stickers’ messages get through loud and clear. In the hands of the trade customers who’re buying them, The Vinyl Guys Stickers are behaving like next-generation business cards and repeat business is assured. The Vinyl Guys excursion in stickers has bee educational and entertaining.

Retail business is waking up again and the working day is starting to look more familiar now. Customers are finding their way to The Vinyl Guys’ door and business is being done. Pretty soon, they’ll be making their ways to a new door. The Vinyl Guys needs more space for its growing business and so is on its way to larger premises.

Sticker-swap, anyone?

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