Matic launch the next generation Industry 4.0 sewing system for the digital printing market

May 07, 2021

With more than 50 years of innovation at their heart, Matic launch a next generation of Industry 4.0 sewing system.

With extensive experience in designing and manufacturing sewing machines for the digital print industry, Matic have launched the Cronos 4.0 with the focus on enhancing the functions of Industry 4.0, to further improve the efficiency of the workflow and achieve the ultimate finish without the need for a skilled operator.

With the Cronos 4.0, you can easily achieve production traceability, and get remote access straight to the machine. It is simple to operate, fast and efficient resulting in reduced manufacturing times and increased production. High quality finishes are easily and realistically achievable.

One of the huge benefits of the Cronos 4.0 is the addition of the QR code reader which is situated in front of the needle. QR codes can be printed directly onto the fabric, stuck on with stickers or scanned from the work sheet. The sewing program (speed, thread and keder tension) will then be automatically selected from the reading of the QR code avoiding unnecessary errors, quality issues and waste.

Data and production history are also recorded within the machine and can be exported to Excel and integrated into an ERP and Industry 4.0, enabling accurate job costing. Many users think of the major materials and labour costs involved but often overlook the smaller items like thread and keder. With this system everything is included.
Thanks to the new electronically controlled pneumatic tensioner, keder can be sewen with maximum precision. Tensions can be individually adjusted for each side and for different materials achieving a perfect flat graphic panel ensuring a precise fit. This tension system is unique to Matic and not offered by any other sewing machine provider.

The new improved, intuitive 7” colour touch screen control panel, with an easy to user interface also makes operation very simple. The 22 memory channels allow for an increased number of sewing profiles to be saved.

The sewing system is conveyorized and is available in two size options. 2300mm x 800mm and 4000mm x 1600mm.

Atech is the sole UK distributor for Matic. For more information or to arrange a demonstration please contact

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