Kala KalaXY increases productivity for UYR

July 05, 2018
Kala KalaXY X-Y Trimmer Kala KalaXY X-Y Trimmer

Sourcing the right equipment to allow increased productivity is always a challenge for companies such as the UYR Group. The company initially started out as a graphic design agency but soon realised that due to the size of its clients and the volume of print they required, there was an opportunity to take more control of the production process. In 2006 UYR invested in its own print facility and from that point have naturally progressed into a full service organisation, offering everything from litho and digital print, custom built online print management tools, social network aggregation feeds and everything else in between!

As business has increased, and with it the throughput of their bank of wide format digital printers, so the need for a more efficient trimming mechanism was required to keep up. UYR produce posters for many well known brands and it was in this area that that company was experiencing a bottle-neck when it came to finishing.

Previously all trimming was done by hand, but this was inevitably slowing down the print process and daily finished output volumes. A solution was sought via Litho Supplies who recommended the Kala KalaXY X-Y Trimmer.

The KalaXY is a 65" wide automatic XY trimmer which quickly cuts prints from a roll into sheets providing a significant time saving in poster finishing. This X/Y trimmer can cut substrates up to 1mm thick and will cut a range of substrates including photo paper, vinyl, laminated media, light PVC banner and more. With a simple, robust design and ease of use, it integrated easily in to UYR’s workflow.

Now installed a year, Joe Canning, Production Manager for UYR is over the moon with the Kala KalaXY “It now takes just 15 minutes to trim a 50m roll of printed media which previously took a day to do manually. A year on and it’s not missed a beat.”

This significant time saving has subsequently led to time and cost savings as well as improved efficiency and above all quicker turnaround for time-conscious customers. In this high volume environment, its ease of use and mechanical robustness is an absolute necessity to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Details on the products and services that the URY Group offer can be found at www.uyr.co.uk.

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