The Felix Schoeller Group is celebrating its 125th anniversary

January 30, 2020

The Felix Schoeller Group was founded 125 years ago this year. Founded in 1895 in Osnabrück, Germany, by Felix Hermann Maria Schoeller, the Felix Schoeller Group now has worldwide operations with around 3,600 employees at 12 sites producing specialty papers, including digital printing papers, decor papers and release liners. The company has a clear vision of its future and is resolute in its intent to turn that vision into reality.

We look back with pride over Felix Schoeller’s 125 years. As a family-owned company, concern for our employees, sustainable growth and resource conservation has always been at the heart of what we do. We have successfully combined dynamic growth with sustainable actions."

Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, the Felix Schoeller Group’s CEO and CSO

Founded in Osnabrück in 1895 as a paper mill, the Felix Schoeller Group now supplies some 1,500 customers in 65 countries. The group has been family-owned since its inception. Five generations have steered the company’s transition: from its early days as a producer of photographic base paper to a specialty paper manufacturer with production facilities worldwide. Today, the group has production sites in Germany, North America, China, Russia and India. Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, a fifth-generation member of the Schoeller family, has been at the helm since June 2018.

On its 125th anniversary, the company is not simply resting on its laurels. It has a clearly defined vision of the future and strategies designed to make that future happen. The Felix Schoeller Group sees itself in 2030 as an independent company that is in good financial health and has the agility to take advantage of its opportunities. The group plans to have a presence in all the growth markets and economic areas.

“We are a family business – and we will remain a family business for generations to come. I have set my own personal goal of handing the Felix Schoeller Group onto the next generation as a family-run business,” says Gallenkamp, talking about his own personal vision.

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