Metamark launches major new website

February 13, 2018

Visitors to Metamark’s website who’re used to being welcomed by what most agree is a crystal clear and easily navigated presentation of the company’s expansive range of SignVinyl, digital media and speciality materials have no fear - it’s all there, just as you remember it, and it’s no more than a swipe or mouse-click away.

What stands centre stage to greet you on the newly launched Metamark site now though is colourful and lively customer content - lots of it. This ever-changing and magazine-like window-on-the world is a reflection of all the great things, that great companies are doing or could be doing with Metamark materials.

Those who feature there will be able to take the designers, specifiers, brands and other commercial influencers who are bought to the content on back to their own websites and share Metamark’s content out through their own social network. Metamark has very big ambitions for this key part of its new site.

Metamark’s CEO, Paul French, explains. “We want to tell the world what our customers are capable of making, and making happen, using Metamark materials and today’s print and production technologies. It’s my hope that by getting the staggering creative potential that’s latent in the sign and allied industry in front of as many influential creatives, specifiers and brands as we can, that the market will develop and grow. If a hundred creatives see something innovative that one of our customers has done, maybe the idea will travel and its application spread. Someone somewhere did the first wrap - now look at the market. Someone bright put printed graphics on walls first - now Décor is running away. Metamark benefits and our customers will benefit too.”

Metamark is putting its efforts behind the promotion of the new content centre ensuring that it’s found. It will be discovered by those out there searching for inspiring ideas and practical solutions and it will be advertised too. The cost of being part of this newly launched customer promotion and market growth focus? Nothing.

Metamark says it’s going to make featuring in the content and application centre something that’s available to all of its customers in rather the same way as it does with its popular Material Matters newsletter. So if you’ve done something you judge notable with Metamark materials, or if Metamark discovers that you have via your own promotion and social output, then your news and creative capability will be a candidate for inclusion and promotion.

There’s much to be gained by featuring on the new Metamark site it appears. Metamark says it has also factored enhanced social networking into its ongoing plans promoting the new site and its content. That means Metamark will be broadcasting content through all of the leading channels including Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. With a site as popular as Metamark’s and the reach of its social network raising the exposure further still, this is clearly a very good time to be Metamark customer.

Colour, content and customers may be centre stage on the new Metamark website but it’s worth remembering that the company has a one of the industry’s biggest and most readily available product ranges and needs to give the world access to very deep reserves of information detailing it - the new site does that job every bit as well as the previous site. Metamark says it went to pains to ensure that users of its new site find themselves on familiar ground when more information on products is needed or there’s a profile to be found. The good news is, they’ve succeeded.

Much of what the new site offers is very obviously the result of a lot of thinking, trying and thinking again. It’s all, very easy to use. A good example is the process that’s wrapped up on the site if you want to become a Metamark customer. It’s headed “GOT A MINUTE,” and that’s about as long as it takes to go through the process of opening an account. Being easy to deal with is something Metamark does say a lot. The new site is evidence that they do what it takes to live up to the words, too.

New websites of the scale of the one that Metamark has launched aren’t undertaken lightly. Metamark’s motivation in delivering such an onerous project, and in doing something as revolutionary as the content centre, is clearly the result of a lot of strategising. There’s more behind the move than might be evident at first glance though - Paul French again.

“There’s lots happening at Metamark these day. We’ve successfully completed an MBO, we’ve grown since at an impressive rate and we’ve filled key roles in our management team. Our product are very highly rated by our customers and we have a lot of eyes upon us.

“We felt that it was time, in view of all that’s happened and all that we plan, to have “premises” online with a lot more elbow room than the site we’ve retired. We’ll need it. Metamark isn’t changing, but it’s becoming more. We’ll never lose sight of what’s important to our customers but these days we’re talking to more of them, here, and in other countries around the world. Metamark is well regarded and a bigger audience than ever want to talk to us. The new site is a great way to welcome them, and to give us the scope for dealing with the much bigger future that’s in our sights.”

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