Open your mind to the printing industry challenges of today

Written by Colin Thompson on 03 September 2015.

weeding out wallyStop me if this sounds familiar: new leads, new ideas, new technology, value-added customer services, diversification, marketing and management. That`s right, those are items that will take you and your company to the next level of profitability and market share today. Savvy business leaders with an eye on growth - that`s you - already know that. More importantly, the question is how you get there! The positive plan is to survive and be successful!

Take this step to invest in the future of your business, your employees and yourself. It`s a certain opportunity to prosper, which is one road sign that should be hard to miss if you invest now.

Proactive maintenance of an existing customer base to improve your `bottom-line`. This is the future strategy for all to be successful in a global trading environment. Read on and find out how you will be successful by taking on board the facts that you need to master for today and beyond.

Marketing to existing customers and prospects, with the goal of retaining their business while stimulating the marketers` sales. Also, the importance of the retention of the `right` employees in this task.

Building and Communicating Value will be the single most valuable investment your organisation makes on the road to delivering sustainable shareholder value.

The creation of shareholder value is the primary objective of any organisation, be it a plc or privately funded company - and research indicates that the pressure senior managers already face to deliver value will intensify significantly into the future with a global economy.

The future is about offering `solutions` to customers by operating a Print and Workflow Solutions Programme and methodically looking at how you manage your business with the `right` people and business models. Also, keeping a close eye on the speed of change, that will affect your business. Training, business models, business guides, and experienced/skilled business people of any age that are available to help your business challenge the global impact are the most important investment for your success.

Be positive, have passion to be successful and have a `strategy` for this rapid change.
Today, it is vital that all senior management builds and delivers superior long-term value to meet and exceed the expectations of all its organisations shareholders.

Open your mind up to the `Challenges` we face in a global trading environment to be successful.

Colin Thompson
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The Cavendish Academy

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