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New table top UV printer from Roland offers users substantial money-making possibilities

Written by Colin Gillman on Tuesday, 10 January 2017.

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Roland DG has launched a new table top UV flatbed printer for on-demand small-lot customised printing of a broad range of items, objects and accessories. The company says its new VersaUV LEF-200 offers outstanding print quality, greater media compatibility, and ease of use for the personalisation and custom printing markets. 

According to Yuko Maeda, division president of Roland DG business development unit,  the LEF-200 can customise a wide range of consumer products and promotional items such as smartphone cases, pens, awards, giftware, plates and more. “With the growing desire to offer consumers a personalised experience reflecting individual preferences and lifestyles, the market for on-demand printing onto a whole array of items is an exciting and growing trend,” she says. “In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of businesses using our VersaUV LEF printers to provide custom printing of smartphone cases and accessories. With the LEF-200’s greater versatility for applications, the money-making possibilities are substantial and with its ease-of-use capabilities, even operators with minimal digital printing skills can operate the device.”

With a print bed of 508 x 330mm (20” x 13”), the LEF-200 prints high-quality full-colour, white and clear inks on a wide variety of materials including three-dimensional items up to 100mm (4”) thick. To accommodate an expanded range of profitable applications, the LEF-200 features a new on-board primer ink option for priming objects quickly and conveniently. The Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP software, included in the price of the LEF-200, simplifies the process of producing graphics with special effects.

“The new primer ink option allows users to prepare an object for customisation before printing a full-colour graphic. This makes adding graphics to glass, plastics and other challenging media so much more clean and efficient,” says Maeda.

The LEF-200 incorporates Roland DG’s proprietary CMYK, white and clear ECO-UV inks for premium quality printing. Clear ink can be printed for spot gloss or matt finishes, as well as unique embossing effects. White ink can be printed as a spot colour or behind CMYK on dark backgrounds or clear materials. To meet individual business requirements, users can choose from three ink configurations: CMYK+White+ Primer, CMYK+White+Clear, and CMYK+White+White.

The company says it has added a further range of usability enhancements to the LEF-200 for greater efficiency. For example, Roland VersaWorks Dual enables users to work not only with PostScript files, but also allows for native processing of PDF files to ensure transparency effects are processed accurately. In addition, white or clear ink data can be generated easily in the RIP, ideal for use in producing transparent personalised accessories with special effects. The position and size of special colour data can also be adjusted in the RIP for perfect registration. 

Other features such as rotation and mirroring of the data can be configured in the RIP as well, without the need to return to your graphic design software. The newly available Maintained Clipped Position function is included which enables users to print designated images only. This feature is useful when extra processes such as clear effects are required for printing specific items. 


Superwide EFI LED double for esp group

Written by Colin Gillman on Tuesday, 29 November 2016.

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esp technologies gr3097FEA resized

An investment in a 5m EFI VUTEk GS5500lxr Pro roll-to-roll LED printer and a 3.2-metre VUTEk GS3250lx Pro hybrid roll/flatbed LED printer by Kent-based esp technologies group now enables the company to offer a full range of flexible and rigid applications across all materials.

Specialising in providing a vast range of printed materials for leading brands in retail, plus the event, exhibition and museum sectors, esp technologies group also produces general display work for interior and exterior locations.

Founded in 1993 as a high-end screen printing company, esp moved into superwide format digital print seven years later with the purchase of one of the first VUTEk 5300 5m, roll-fed platforms. Subsequent investments included a VUTEk QS3200 printer which broadened the company's capabilities into digital print with its ability to generate very high-quality work on rigid and flexible substrates.

"Many of the application types we produced back in the year 2000 are still required now," says Stephen Hood, managing director of esp technologies group. "Coming from a large format screen-printing environment, the convenience of using an inkjet engine quickly manifested itself for short run and one-off orders. As a result, 5m wide output has been an important part of our portfolio throughout the years.”

Both new machines also benefit from EFI's LED "cool cure" technology, which requires up to 82% less energy - an ideal complement to esp's environmental ethic and desire to produce greener output.


Hybrid flatbed Signracer shows huge potential at Mida Sign Services

Written by Colin Gillman on Friday, 25 November 2016.

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SSE MIDA 2 1 resized

Cheshire-based Mida Sign Services has invested in a Signracer 3200 UV LED hybrid inkjet printer from SSE Worldwide.  

Mike Smith, director and owner of Mida Sign Services, says: “The Signracer has immediately made a significant difference, and its speed will increase production and increase turnover. This investment has certainly changed our thinking about the way we work and we can see the huge potential to increase, improve and maximise our production services across the board.”    

Scott Armitage at SSE Worldwide, says Mida has been blown away by the reaction from its customers to the capability of the machine.  “Mida Sign Services is already looking at a second machine,” he says. “They are telling us that no machine they have or have looked at comes near the Signracer’s performance and cost effectiveness.  It is a real bonus receiving such positive feedback from our customers.”


Netherlands based printer DEKALU doubles capacity with Acuity F flatbed

Written by Colin Gillman on Tuesday, 22 November 2016.

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Fujifilm DEKALU owner Jeroen Rengelink resized

Based in the town of Winterswijk in the east of the Netherlands, family-run printer, DEKALU, has doubled production capacity and seen output soar after adding an Acuity F wide format flatbed printer to its production suite. 

Specialising in POS and signage for the retail sector, including the production of a range of added value creative applications such as lenticular posters and displays, DEKALU has a broad customer base in both the Netherlands and Germany.

Pand resizedDEKALU saw the potential to grow its business with its existing customers, as well as bringing in new clients - if it could find a way to significantly step up productivity. Company owner, Jeroen Rengelink explains: "Quality has always been vital to our customers, but we've found recently that speed of delivery is becoming just as important. The delivery times our customers are demanding of us are getting shorter all the time and we realised that we needed to find a way to significantly boost our production speed in order to fulfil all the potential work that was coming our way.

"We were running two Fujifilm Acuity Select HS flatbed printers, and as we've enjoyed an excellent relationship with Fujifilm since the first of those presses was installed in 2009, it was natural that we would look to continue to work with the company. In the Acuity F, Fujifilm was able to provide the perfect platform for us to make the necessary step up in productivity." 

And six months on from installation, the Acuity F has done just that. "We've more than doubled our production capacity," says Rengelink. "And we've grown our business to fill that new capacity. The speed with which we can turn jobs around now is extraordinary, and the investment has enabled us to take on a huge amount of fast turnaround work that we simply could not have delivered in time a year ago."

And, importantly for DEKALU, quality has not been compromised in the process: "Our customers already respected the reliable high quality of our Acuity HS printers," Rengelink explains. "But they've told us that if anything, the quality of print produced on the Acuity F is even greater. We couldn't be happier with it and the continuing high level of support that we are getting from the Fujifilm team in the Netherlands."


Another VUTEk at Northern Print to meet customer demand for wide format printing

Written by Colin Gillman on Wednesday, 19 October 2016.

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HS100Pro resized

Merseyside-based Northern Print has boosted its fleet of EFI VUTEk printers with a new HS100Pro UV printer from wide format print specialists CMYUK. The move follows increased demand for wide format digital print from both existing and new clients.

Director Richard Parker explains: "We needed to make this investment so we could guarantee the capacity needed when we took on extra work. We were already running at full tilt, and had to have a reliable machine to help smooth out the peaks in demand without compromising our existing work.

"As well as giving us the extra capacity that we needed, the HS100Pro offers an incredible flexibility on substrates, and we can use it for sheets, boards, rolls, back lit panels, and a whole range of indoor and outdoor POS, both single and double sided. Basically, with our VUTEk printers and our litho arm, we can handle pretty much any print request that comes our way.”

Parker, who has been in the print business since 1989, set up Northern Print originally as a print management company in 2000. He says that this changed quickly, as "it just didn't sit right, being a print distributor rather than a manufacturer.”

He added: "I've bought VUTEks for the last nine years and to be honest I wouldn't really consider anything else. With the EFI badge I know that we're going to get speed and reliability, and the ability to handle a wide range of substrates. Being able to print white at the same time is also hugely beneficial.”

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