Dawn of a new era for PDF rendering

Written by Colin Gillman on 22 March 2016.


Online workflow software publishing developer CHILI publish has launched what it calls “today’s best PDF viewing and approval inspection experience” following collaboration with Enfocus. The firm has integrated its new CHILI rendro technology for viewing PDFs on the web with Enfocus’ PDF quality control and workflow expertise to create an add-on module for Enfocus Switch called Switch PDF Review Module.

CHILI rendro is the latest technical innovation from CHILI publish. The company says it is the only rendering solution able to provide true, accurate renderings of PDFs on an HTML canvas. This fundamentally changes the way PDFs are managed because regardless of who is looking at the PDF – and whatever device they are using – the PDF can be viewed the way it was intended, both graphically and contextually.

The JavaScript SDK (Software Development Kit) format of CHILI rendro allows for tailored, scalable integration and platform independent collaboration that requires little configuration. These features make the solution fully adaptable to any work environment.

Kevin Goeminne, CHILI publish CEO, says: “CHILI rendro solves a key challenge for users – enabling them to better manage PDFs on the devices where they work. Having Enfocus as our first OEM partner is a perfect fit for this technology. Combining CHILI rendro with Enfocus’ excellent PDF quality and workflow solutions provides users with a powerful resource that saves time and ensures accuracy in any operation that relies on PDFs. We are pleased to be working with Enfocus, and proud of the way our technologies improve operations for our users.”

Enfocus has integrated CHILI rendro into its technology to create the Switch PDF Review Module. This Add-on Module for Enfocus Switch gives users an HTML5 Browser based PDF review tool. This new module combines the flexibility of the browser with the powerful “PDF Inspect” features of the Switch solution.

Bjorn Willems, director of Product Management at Enfocus, says: “We can give our users the control they want in the PDF review process from any desktop or tablet touchscreen. With the user in charge, the PDF review process is fundamentally changed, making it a faster and more effective than has been previously possible. When it comes to reviewing PDFs, the Switch PDF Review Module changes everything.”

The use of the PDF Review Module in Switch streamlines the inspection process. Once a PDF has been created, an email is sent to the reviewer with a link to the PDF. The reviewer clicks the link and the PDF is opened in the browser. The person reviewing the PDF is presented with a fully configurable user interface, depending on their role and skill level. It could range from a very basic PDF preview with an Approve/Reject button on the bottom to an expert view that includes tools such as Eyedropper, Separation view and Wireframe. The expert view also allows the user to analyse individual objects within the PDF file, similar to the Inspector module of Switch.

In both views, overprint is always honoured and the users can customise these views with the customer’s logos and other brand identity. From there, the approver can choose to approve the file or not. If changes are required, the approver marks up corrections using a Sticky Note tool. The user then clicks on an “Approve/Reject” button that can be created based on the routing options from the configurator in Switch. This, says CHILI, provides additional workflow flexibility for the user.

Willems continues: “The Switch PDF Review Module represents what is possible when you bring together the best technical solutions. And it’s just the beginning. The solution provides a platform for many other use cases, including online editing. This platform, combined with the innovation and collaboration expertise of Enfocus ensures we can meet the evolving demands of our users.”


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