Pixartprinting sets up shop in America

Written by Colin Gillman on Monday, 08 February 2016.

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Pixartprinting Alessandro Tenderini

European web to print giant Pixartprinting is to expand into the United States with Pixartprinting North America with logistical and commercial offices in Boston.

The Italian firm grew by 30% last year and aims to grow even more in 2016 through its activities in the United States market and from a process of constant product development.

According to company CEO Alessandro Tenderini, the aim is to extend the company's reach, both geographically and in terms of the product sectors it serves, offering an ever-expanding range of services that create new needs among the firm's users. “This is a new and very exciting challenge for us,” he says, “because our analysis shows that this market has great potential for the services we offer.

“The market is currently evolving towards the printing or creation of highly customised products with limited circulation or individual copies at a competitive price, which could not be applied in the past. A rapidly evolving paradigm shift is taking place: the web was seen as an obstacle before, yet today it is perceived as a means to facilitate the purchasing process. Supply and demand meet on the web, and the best is yet to .com.”

The markets in which the firm operates and the customer base are also growing thanks to new items in the product range. “This year we have launched 38 new products, including brand new items, updates to old models and new uses given to existing ranges,” says Federico Gonzalez, Commercial manager at Pixartprinting.

Pixartprinting-Pack 3 300dpi"There is a lot of collaboration between the R&D, manufacturing and marketing departments: we work tirelessly not only to offer innovative products but also to fine tune our existing catalogue to keep customers satisfied, and above all to ensure they remain loyal. The aim of all this is to be a benchmark for our users and to provide a service that covers all aspects. We have also introduced a loyalty programme, STARWAY, which rewards our premium clients, and which is proving to be very successful. Our work to develop customer loyalty is also in the interest of our clients, as by dealing with a single partner they can make savings both in terms of money and time.”

One of Pixartprinting's strong points is its approach to holistic marketing strategies, which seeks to provide the right message at the right time, and aims both to acquire new clients and to ensure the loyalty of existing customers, using up- and cross-selling techniques.

"Unlike traditional marketing, where the aim is to acquire as large a number of clients as possible by prioritising the sales channel, we work to create engagement and retention, concentrating on the clients themselves. The relationship with our users has a similar dynamic to that seen in B2C markets,” says Sales and Marketing director Andrea Pizzola. "Every year we set ourselves fresh challenges in this area: the aim is to expand the range of markets we sell to and encourage clients who are still operating offline to work online instead.”

To put this engagement policy into practice, the firm focuses on the digital world with a mixture of strategies based on various tools, such as CPC, retargeting, merchandising, display advertising, affiliation, and email marketing and social media.

“We use these channels to promote high quality content and information on the firm's product portfolio,” says Davide Turatti, Digital Marketing manager. "We create topics, themes and subjects linked to our clients' businesses so that they become familiar with Pixartprinting, which in turn identifies their requirements and develops solutions to meet their current and latent needs.”

A lot of attention is focused on social media, which is used as a two-way communication channel, to ensure the company is seen as vibrant, engaged and active. Flexible customer care remains crucial, and it also makes use of these networks to provide timely support, aiming to overcome the physical distance between the company and the client.

Pixartprinting's digital strategy developed in two stages: initially it focused on optimising and reinforcing the brand, but now the focus is on analysing the data collected in order to carry out increasingly sophisticated profiling of its users. The data is then optimised on a single DMP (Data Management Platform), which contains all the information gathered both from Pixartprinting's channelsPixartprinting fully responsive 300dpi and externally, with the aim of identifying clients and their digital identity and so offering them increasingly relevant products.

As part of its commitment to making its clients' lives easier and aim to cover all platforms and all channels, the Pixartprinting e-shop is now fully configured to run across all user platforms such as desktop, tablet and mobile. “We are the first company in the online print sector to have achieved this milestone, which, for a website as complex as ours, is no mean feat. This is further confirmation of how much we care about our clients, who are not merely seen as consumers, but as people whose needs must be satisfied and, if possible, pre-empted,” says Pizzola.

The coming months promise to be very busy for the company what with its arrival in America and the constant development of the company’s product catalogue, holistic marketing, and a new fully responsive website.


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KJB invests in Ricoh double for productivity growth

Written by Colin Gillman on Monday, 16 November 2015.

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ricoh kjb printers

Staffordshire based design, litho and digital printing and distribution company KJB has increased its digital printing capacity with the addition of two Ricoh engines - the Ricoh Pro C7100X and the Ricoh Pro C9100. The firm recently removed a Xerox Versant 2100 to make way for both Ricoh machines.

The company says the Ricoh presses will allow for even more premium finishes offering greater flexibility and superb print quality, allowing even more ways for KJB to add value.

According to Stephen Egerton, commercial director at KJB, vendor support and relationship are very important to KJB. “Recently we changed our digital vendor/partner to Ricoh for a range of commercial reasons,” he says. “This has not been an easy process but we are confident that this is the best strategy. The ability to also now print white and clear ink opens new doors for us and creates greater customer choice.”

KJB says it anticipates a 35% growth in digital turnover over the coming year. This growth will be born out of offering new applications to existing clients, and from stepping into new markets with businesses that do not currently work with KJB. 


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Impressed pleased with its Jet Press 720S digital press

Written by Colin Gillman on Friday, 09 October 2015.

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Jet Press 720S B2 inkjet digital press

Impressed Druk en Print, based near Rotterdam in The Netherlands, has invested in a Fujifilm Jet Press 720S B2 inkjet digital press to improve the profitability of its short run print. The move sees the company remove one of its two B2 Heidelberg offset presses.

Impressed is a high quality, B2 commercial printer employing 21 people, with a turnover of 3.7 Million Euros, which was formed around 20 years ago. Up until recently, it based all its production around its two B2 Heidelberg offset presses. However, with run lengths continuing to shorten, four years ago the company started investigating the possibility of investing in a B2 digital press.

Sandra Haket, owner of the company, takes up the story: "We're a commercial printer with a portfolio of clients that includes design agencies and print management companies. The common thread to our business is high quality commercial print, but with run lengths decreasing, we started to seriously consider the viability of a B2 digital press a few years ago. Naturally, the quality of print was paramount, and after extensive testing we decided that the best option was Fujifilm's Jet Press 720S as the quality and consistency was the best on the market and at least comparable with our offset presses."

Bas Gravesteijn, Director of the company adds: "With 30% of our run lengths less than 700, 40% between 700 and 1500, and 30% over 1500, we became convinced we could improve the efficiency and profitability of our shorter run work and decided that the Jet Press 720S was the ideal press to help us do this. But as well as improving our efficiency, we knew it would also help us generate new business. In particular, we are looking forward to taking advantage of the full colour gamut of the Jet Press 720S, as this appeals to our design agency customers, and the ability of the press to print on a wide variety of both coated and uncoated paper is also an advantage. Both of these features will help us to differentiate our service offering in a highly competitive market."

Once the decision was made, Impressed removed one of their offset presses to make room for the Jet Press 720S, leaving them with one offset press for the longer run work, and the Jet Press 720S for the shorter runs. Sandra Haket continues: "We have customers that require large format, ultra-high quality sample books for showcasing wallpaper and interior design. Print runs can typically be 2000, 4000 or 6000, but often a smaller quantity is needed for an exhibition where the print run is, for example, 50 or 100. Now we can produce these smaller runs cost effectively with better vibrancy and colour consistency on uncoated paper to match the paper the wallpaper samples are printed on."

Sandra Haket concludes "We understand our customers and know that they will be delighted with the quality of print we can now produce cost-effectively at much shorter run lengths, even down to run lengths of one. But we're also excited about using the press to expand the applications we print. Ultimately, we know we've made the right choice and are convinced that inkjet technology is the future for high quality, short run print. This is the first time we have worked with Fujifilm and so far so good - we look forward to developing this relationship over the next few months and years."

Impressed Druk en Print is holding a 20th anniversary event on the 23rd October where the company will also be showcasing the new Jet Press 720S. If you are interested in seeing what this forward thinking company can offer and the capability of its new press, please contact Bas Gravesteijn on + 31 15-8200100 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Ricoh scores twice as Lola Print swaps supplier and kicks Konica Minolta into touch

Written by Colin Gillman on Friday, 09 October 2015.

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FDB 2015 07 21 9362-1024x683

Berkshire based Lola Print has hoofed out its cut sheet Konica Minolta printers in favour of a couple of new Ricoh machines, notably the 90ppm Ricoh Pro C7100 (above) that supports media up to 360gsm, and its fifth colour station for clear gloss or white applications that offers significant additional revenue opportunities for the firm.

Backing up the C7100 is a Ricoh Pro C5100S, the first Ricoh digital production printer to feature Ricoh’s enhanced toner transfer technology which delivers quality print results on heavily textured stock – perfect for direct mail and marketing applications. Wide media compatibility is also one of the many key benefits of these models, ideal for challenging applications such as overprinting envelopes, where the balance of pressure and heat is critical to maintain a flat and perfectly printed product.

According to Tony da Franca at Lola Print, the new Ricoh C7100 has opened up new possibilities with a much wider range of media, longer sheet sizes and the fifth colour. “The press is already in full production,” he says. “Operators on the shop floor love the precise front-to-back registration. Ricoh worked very hard to establish a true partnership and have become trusted advisors, which gave Lola Print the confidence to invest in the new digital presses, replacing our Konica Minolta equipment.”

Customers of Lola Print will benefit from the new technology with support for textured media, envelopes, cling film and transparent media which opens up opportunities for light packaging, demo packaging, direct mail, books, brochures and business cards.

Gareth Parker at Ricoh UK is obviously chuffed with the result. “We are very proud that Lola Print has put their trust into Ricoh to further enhance their client offerings and ensure customer satisfaction remains at the core of their business,” he says. “As we see the commercial and economic pressures remain ever present, it’s really encouraging to see responsible investment happening and creativity being displayed by Lola Print.”


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Northern showroom for MGI at Printers Superstore

Written by Colin Gillman on Friday, 25 September 2015.

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GM and DE

Leeds based Printers Superstore is set to become the northern showroom for MGI digital presses, with a Meteor DP8700 XL+ installed and running alongside a Hans Gronhi GH525 offset press.

The Meteor DP8700XL+ digital press delivers 4,260 four colour A4 pages per hour and able to print long format at 330mm x 1200mm at resolutions up to 3,600dpi. It is compatible with variable data management solutions, and is available with the DF Pro inline finishing solution which cuts, creases and perforates inline.

Printers Superstore Joint MD Graham Moorby says. “The MGI machines offer high quality, high throughput and are extremely versatile, printing on a wide range of materials including envelopes, plastics and – importantly for our market – litho stocks, with no click charges.”

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