Pixartprinting’s 'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul' art installation unveiled during Milan Design Week

Written by Colin Gillman on 12 May 2016.

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Pixartprinting, the European W2P company, has created an enormous printed mechanical flower installation at Base Milano that comprises colourful and animated smaller flowers, whose petals open and close with a mechanical rhythm caused by the 'breathing' of rubber balls that, thanks to the principle of shape memory, return to their original position with a fluid and organic motion, thereby opening up the flower. Its aim is to provide visitors with a moment of wonder with which to be inspired.

12974478 1294293500600291 4903925730483256761 nThe installation - 'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul' – is a showcase for the creativity and ingenuity of the creative team at the Venetian printing company, and how print can be combined with technology to produce surprising creations.

The basis for the idea that 'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul' comes from a beam of light emitted from the heart of the installation, dazzling spectators, while, concealed within, a video camera steals the moment of wonder of those looking up at the work and shares it with the world through a projection onto a panel outside the building.

"This project shares Pixartprinting's courage to experiment and innovate and represents a new concept in the field of culture and creativity", says Andrea Pizzola, sales and marketing director at Pixartprinting. "Creativity and innovation have always been assets at our company, which invests in cultural initiatives that promote content creation. Unlike the other installations, this one was designed to last several months and aims to be a starting point for producing additional content and a source of inspiration for other creative minds.”

The result is simultaneously harmonious and hypnotic, with the individual elements appearing to interact in different ways depending on the type of ball, the temperature and the number of petals.

"Each flower is brought to life by a small motor programmed using Arduino technology, and each element of the work can potentially move independently, so there are infinite combinations available. The setup programmed for this event lasts approximately five minutes, combining more random sections with other more choreographed parts," says Carlo Migotto, art director at Pixartprinting. "Technically one can do a lot of things with this work, such as interactive design, for example. Indeed, this installation is an excellent demonstration of how combining our technology and the creativity of the user can provide the perfect basis for ingenuity, which can lead to big things."

The installation was designed to mark the recent Design Week in Milan in April but will be open to the viewing public for five months.


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