New non-PE coated water resistant outdoor display board from Swanline

Written by Colin Gillman on 09 January 2017.

Cygnus Outdoor Board resized

Swanline Paper and Board (SPB) has collaborated with Swedish paper mill Oppboga Bruk AB to launch a water resistant outdoor display board that does not use a polyethylene (PE) coating to achieve its impermeable (water resistant) properties.

Marketed exclusively in the UK under SPB’s Cygnus brand of packaging and display products, Cygnus Outdoor Display contains up to 60% recycled fibre, is FSC certified and is 100% recyclable. Its innovative 100% paper fibre composition enables an unrivalled resistance to moisture, even compared to less ecologically sound PE coated alternatives.

According to SPB’s managing director, Ross Griffin Cygnus Outdoor Display is the most exciting new product development he has seen in 25 years of industry involvement. “Cygnus Outdoor Display board retains the benefits of two side coating to facilitate exceptional print quality without deterioration on both sides of the material. Cygnus Outdoor Display will have a significant impact in sectors currently relying on plastic or PE coated alternatives,” he says.  

The substrate is suitable for outdoor signage for up to 12 weeks and does not require edge frames to protect the sheet sides from water ingress while in location. So robust is the material that SPB says applications unrelated to outdoor signage are being explored in sectors such as construction, horticultural and leisure industries.

Cygnus Outdoor Display is available exclusively in the UK in 830, 1500 and 2200 microns in bespoke or stock sizes up to 1700 x 3600mm.

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