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CMA Imaging’s water-based media lets Xerox’s IJP 2000 high-speed printer fly

Written by Colin Gillman on 01 June 2016.

IJP 2000

Thanks to CMA imaging’s Gal’Art water-based media portfolio, Xerox Europe is now able to achieve photographic quality digital prints on its IJP 2000 high-speed wide format printer that claims speeds of up to 420sqm per hour. CMA says that by combining its water-based media with the capabilities of Xerox’s single-pass four-colour engine, the technology used in the material coatings produced by CMA guarantees vibrant and realistic image reproduction.

As well as specialist papers and materials, the company is renowned for its contract proofing expertise that is becoming increasingly beneficial for brands and agencies where specials and out of gamut colours must be reproduced faithfully throughout pre-press and on the final output device.

With the Xerox IJP 2000, CMA imaging was able to generate a new series of coatings for the materials being used in the printer without compromising final quality and ensuring consistent photorealistic images. The company’s Gal’Art water-based media family includes weights and surfaces suitable for posters, exhibition graphics and general displays with the ink receiving layers designed specifically to enable fast printing thanks to the rapid absorption into the media coating.

“Our relationship with Xerox demonstrates how CMA imaging’s expertise can bring new levels of productivity and quality to existing digital print engines,” says Gerardo Cerros, CEO at CMA imaging. “The use of our Gal’Art family of papers with its special coatings opens up new revenue streams for users of the Xerox IJP 2000 as it can now become profitable as a high-speed display and fine art printer.”

By using high-quality media available from CMA imaging, users can fine-tune their workflow and increase productivity because of the materials’ ability to handle fast throughput speeds and swift print drying because of the inks’ relationship with the media’s coating. CMA’s Gal’Art range features all popular finishes including gloss, satin, pearl and matte plus specials, with a maximum width of 1.6m.

It is suitable for use with UV-curable, eco-solvent, latex and aqueous-based ink formulations making it a valuable all-round product for users needing consistency and reliability in their print results.

The relationship with Xerox is indicative of how manufacturers and specialists can work together to generate colour accurate output which is becoming vital when working with brands and corporates who require specific shades across different types of end media.

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