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New customisable wrapping paper available online from Pixartprinting

Written by Colin Gillman on Tuesday, 17 January 2017.

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Wrapping a product and promoting your brand in an original way has never been easier: at Pixartprinting’s online shop you can choose from a variety of coatings and colours, and pick one of five different formats, available as single-size sets or as an assortment.

The new wrapping paper can also be produced in fully customised colours, or with logos and graphics in a predefined colour: choose from white, black and special colours such as gold, silver and bronze.

For packaging food and beverages, Pixartprinting has a new onion-skin paper certified for direct contact with food, letting you wrap edible products safely. Add a sophisticated touch by customising your package with water-based inks in a broad palette of colours.

Rounding off the Pixartprinting range are special papers for original packaging solutions. They include printed tissue paper and ribbed kraft paper for a bold, natural finish.

The company says this extensive selection of wrapping paper is further proof of its ability to anticipate trends. It offers customers new ways of bringing their communications to life through product customisation, thereby delivering more effective brand promotion.

For the complete look, the new wrapping paper can be matched with paperboard boxes, as well as a variety of paper shopping bags and pouches made of paper or fabric (natural or non-woven), all fully customised by Pixartprinting.


Get into wallcovering with Wallpaper Ink’s bespoke mural website

Written by Colin Gillman on Monday, 09 January 2017.

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WallpaperInk Tube resized

Wallpaper Ink’s ‘made-to-measure’ wall mural website provides a simple and easy to use service for people looking to decorate their homes and businesses with bespoke wallcoverings. Started 6 years ago by Scott Evans, the company now employs 10 people at its South Wales premises.

Sitting at the heart of Wallpaper Ink’s offering is a range of substrates that the company sources entirely from printable material manufacturer and distributor, Soyang Europe. “We offer customers a choice of three different substrates upon which to have their image printed,” says Evans. “Depending on their installation requirements and skills, they can select from a traditional, pasteable paper, a self-adhesive product or our top-of-the-range spray-activated material.”

Most popular with professional decorators, Soyang’s SoMagic pasteable product gives a traditional textured finish but is printable using Wallpaper Ink’s bank of Roland eco-solvent printers – as well as latex, full solvent and UV machines. Soyang’s ST035 self-adhesive product offers an easy, paste-free installation with the benefit of easy repositionability and a textured textile finish.

Evans is particularly excited about Soyang’s SoMagic Water Glue spray-activated material, thanks to its ease of application. “The adhesive is activated by spraying the wall with water, which makes the paper easy to handle and put in place,” he says. “It makes it very simple to line up images or patterns drop-to-drop and really helps people get over any perceived barriers to taking a DIY approach to hanging wallpaper.”

For those needing more of a helping hand, Wallpaper Ink has created a ‘how to’ video that walks the viewer through the process – as well as including basic tools in each box of printed wallpaper. The finished product is washable and waterproof and when the time comes to refresh the design, is easy to remove without damaging the wall.

Thanks to an exclusive tie-up with Adobe, it’s possible to choose from over 40 million images on the Wallpaper Ink website, but an increasing number of customers are opting to use their own photography. “The continued improvements in mobile phone cameras mean that it’s possible to produce a stunning 4m wide print from an iPhone 7 image,” says Evans. “The technology has made it so simple for people to capture and upload unique images and by turning it into beautiful wallcoverings, we’re able to make it a part of their home.”

While the domestic market is currently Wallpaper Ink’s mainstay; commercial printing is becoming an increasingly important outlet for the company, as Evans recognises the potential for sign and graphics companies to offer creative décor to their clients. “We’re being approached for trade print more and more thanks to the reputation we’re forging for expertise in the wallcoverings sector,” he says. “Wallpaper Ink is very much open for business from print companies looking to receive a high-quality specialist print for their customers.”


New non-PE coated water resistant outdoor display board from Swanline

Written by Colin Gillman on Monday, 09 January 2017.

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Cygnus Outdoor Board resized

Swanline Paper and Board (SPB) has collaborated with Swedish paper mill Oppboga Bruk AB to launch a water resistant outdoor display board that does not use a polyethylene (PE) coating to achieve its impermeable (water resistant) properties.

Marketed exclusively in the UK under SPB’s Cygnus brand of packaging and display products, Cygnus Outdoor Display contains up to 60% recycled fibre, is FSC certified and is 100% recyclable. Its innovative 100% paper fibre composition enables an unrivalled resistance to moisture, even compared to less ecologically sound PE coated alternatives.

According to SPB’s managing director, Ross Griffin Cygnus Outdoor Display is the most exciting new product development he has seen in 25 years of industry involvement. “Cygnus Outdoor Display board retains the benefits of two side coating to facilitate exceptional print quality without deterioration on both sides of the material. Cygnus Outdoor Display will have a significant impact in sectors currently relying on plastic or PE coated alternatives,” he says.  

The substrate is suitable for outdoor signage for up to 12 weeks and does not require edge frames to protect the sheet sides from water ingress while in location. So robust is the material that SPB says applications unrelated to outdoor signage are being explored in sectors such as construction, horticultural and leisure industries.

Cygnus Outdoor Display is available exclusively in the UK in 830, 1500 and 2200 microns in bespoke or stock sizes up to 1700 x 3600mm.


Spandex gains HP Latex 300 series media certification for ImagePerfect materials

Written by Colin Gillman on Monday, 09 January 2017.

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ImagePerfect HP certification 300dpi resized

Spandex has received media certification for 10 of its ImagePerfect substrates for use with the HP Latex 300 series of digital printers.

The certified substrates include a range of 10 self-adhesive vinyls which, combined with HP Latex Inks are scratch resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Steve Jacques, Category manager at Spandex UK says: “This certification gives our customers assurance when purchasing media for their HP Latex digital printers, so they know that these ImagePerfect substrates will perform in line with their expectations.”

The certified materials include ImagePerfect 2503 Plus, 2503PA Plus, 2504, 2506, 2506PA, 2553, 2553PA, 2554, 2556 and 2556PA.

Spandex has also launched a series of free printer profiles for its compatible ImagePerfect substrates for use with the HP Latex 300 series of printers.


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Avery adds creative solutions for wall graphics and decorations

Written by Colin Gillman on Friday, 28 October 2016.

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William Smith says Avery Dennison’s recently launched MPI 8000 Series of multi-purpose inkjet wall films has opened up a whole new spectrum of creative solutions for a variety of wall graphics and decorations.

Newly available from William Smith, these films are suitable for application to a broad range of wall finishes and interior applications, including treated wood, latex painted, plastered and concrete walls.

MPI 8726 textured wall film comes in stone, canvas and stucco finishes, with high opacity to ensure full coverage of underlying surfaces. It is a flexible yet tough and scuff-resistant white calendered premium vinyl and its Hi-Tack permanent clear acrylic adhesive provides reliable performance on difficult surfaces. 

MPI 8626 is a matt white, high opacity calendered vinyl film with Hi-Tack permanent acrylic adhesive that makes it suitable for application to slightly structured surfaces as well as low energy substrates such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

MPI 8024 is a premium high performance calendered film with EA Hi-Tack permanent clear acrylic adhesive, featuring Avery Dennison’s Easy Apply air-release technology, making for faster and bubble-free application to flat and slightly structured surfaces. 

MPI 8621 satin white calendered vinyl film comes with a clear acrylic removable adhesive. It can be applied to most wall surfaces and has been tested and recommended for use over many kinds of paint, including high gloss, semi-gloss and satin. Its thick face film gives stability and enables reductions in application time.

All Avery Dennison MPI 8000 Series films have been developed specifically for use on a variety of super-wide format latex, solvent, eco-solvent and UV printers.


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