New report reveals industrial printing growing across a wide range of markets

Written by Colin Gillman on 03 May 2016.

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InPrint Show, in partnership with I.T. Strategies, has launched an industry survey completed by 150 respondents to highlight key trends and insight for the continued development of industrial print production.

The survey and report features analysis on growth opportunities for new markets and tackles the challenges confronting a sector under intense pressure for high quality production in challenging and changing manufacturing conditions.

Headline findings revealed a confident technology sector in a state of development across an array of different industries. Nearly 34% believe growth to be double digit, which is an increase of nearly 10% on 2014 where the result was 25%. This is due to the continued evolution of industrial inkjet capability and rapid change in manufacturing production. This is also believed to be in line with consumer change and the need for flexible, just in time manufacturing which is transforming a number of industries. The unique capabilities of industrial printing as both a functional and decorative process means it performs a critical role in the production of multiple products and processes empowering manufacturing to adapt to constantly changing consumer demand.

Following on from accelerated growth, respondents that attended both InPrint 2014 and 2015, believed the market and its technology had evolved in one show cycle and that InPrint Show has played a key part in this development. However industrial print has a number of challenges to overcome to meet the demand for highly sophisticated print technology for industrial manufacture.

Marcus Timson (above), InPrint Show Co-Founder, says: “The survey results and report analyses the challenges, trends and highlights the opportunities for industrial print technology. The results reveal a sector rich in innovation and one that is developing at a fast pace. However respondents also felt that there were some key challenges and initiatives required in order for industrial print to continue to develop including improved collaboration and improved knowledge of industrial inkjet. In addition, a core challenge for the industry is in making the right investment decision for the next stage of industrial inkjet development and InPrint has a clear role to play in this regard as the show continues to inspire the sector to grow and develop.”

A copy of the full report can be downloaded via the web link below.

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