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Written by Colin Gillman on 11 April 2017.

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Here is an easy-to-use Adobe Illustrator plug-in that lets the user create packaging and displays with just a few mouse clicks. It is available to download from Zünd who has released Version 3 of its Zünd Design Centre ZDC, Zünd's plug-in for Adobe Illustrator.  This new plug-in makes this already easy-to-use design software even more user friendly and provide users with even greater design choices.

The centrepiece of ZDC is an extensive library of parametric designs for folding carton, corrugated cardboard, sandwich material, PVC and PP. To scale or change any of the designs provided, all the user has to do is enter a few basic measurements, and the program automatically calculates all other dimensions. Single or multi-part structural designs can be viewed in 3D preview and freely manipulated by moving the mouse. The preview function is also ideal for verifying designs and checking how modifications affect the final product. The software offers several export options for interactive 3D PDFs, .png files, and 3D objects (.dae, .obj, .stl). These are great for customer presentations or proposals. All designs are prepared for importing directly into Zünd Cut Centre - ZCC with no additional steps required.

With the latest update, Zünd Design Center ZDC has become even more versatile. Numerous new templates in the design library support the user in creating structural designs for floor stands, countertop and shelf displays, etc., and provide even greater design choices. Zünd has also made the software even more user friendly. Design previews can now be updated with a simple mouse click immediately after a change in dimensions. For users who want to create their own designs, the .ai file already contains all available processing methods in separate layers. In the "panel properties" section, new multi-part designs can be put together in a few simple steps. And in 3D preview mode, users can modify parameters such as material thickness, colour, and transparency and immediately update the visualisation to reflect these changes.

To download the latest version of Zünd Design Centre – ZDC, use the following link:

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